Material: Birch

Finish: Woodoil / Paint /Stain

Measures: 82 x 80 x 63 cm (l x h x w)

Weight: 8 kg

Design and work: Markku Mulari

  1. Full birch
  2. White body, birch rims
  3. White body, rims black staind
  4. Body black staind, rims bircs
  5. Custom colors, contact us!
  • 1 pcs full birch
  • 1 pcs body white, rims birch

A lightweight armchair. When you sit down, you'll find out that all it's measures and angels are optimal for your comfort. It's almost like floating! Made from finnish birch, the joints have been designed to last for decades.

Price: 845€

(+ cushion 55€)

Everything on it's right place!

Jani T

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